Project management based on a multidisciplinary approach

Project management means taking control of projects. It is the way in which projects are organized, prepared, planned, executed and completed. Successful completion of new-build, extension, expansion or renovation projects demand decisive and professional project management. Consulting firm Groenewout is happy to take care of managing projects for you. We relieve you of much of the burden associated with project management so that you can focus on your core business.

Project management, from basic to complex
At Groenewout, we are regularly asked for project management advice and support for construction, development and realization projects. Our extensive knowledge and experience of project management extends from basic buildings to complex, climate-controlled environments. Our project management services include, among other things:

  • Construction management
  • Drafting a project plan
  • Technical installations
  • Realization support
  • Tender support
  • Contracting and monitoring a project developer for the warehouse/DC
  • Revising the logistics design
  • Project management for relocation of the logistics operation

Thanks to our multidisciplinary approach, we are in a position to take full responsibility for the results of a project: from the initiation phase up to and including monitoring and taking care of continual optimization.

Project management for Antalis
In order to give you a sense of our approach relating to project management, we are pleased to outline the Antalis project. Parent company Antalis decided to centralize the logistics and sales activities of its subsidiaries Dekker Packaging, ModoVanGelder and Grafisch Papier in order to create greater synergy. The company enlisted our help for the design and project management activities for the new logistics center. We drafted a plan of attack in order ensure optimal site selection and to devise an effective logistics concept, including the interior set-up. We selected and contracted the project developer, took care of tendering and installation of the logistics equipment, supervised facility-related issues, and so on. Thanks to our competent project management, an imposing warehouse comprising 27,000 square meters was constructed in record time. The project was realized within the pre-agreed project budget and timeframe. In the final phase of completion, we carefully managed the snagging list until all of the issues had been resolved satisfactorily.

More projectmanagement references:

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  2. BIS
  3. Hollister
  4. Forever Direct

If you would like to know more about project management for construction and realization projects, please feel free to contact our experts.

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Managing Consultant & Partner
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