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Newsletters 2019:

  • December: Seminar ‘How can you create maximum trust in a new logistics solution?’, Download presentation ‘Best practices in designing (E-)warehouses’
  • October: Centralization to create synergy benefits for ERIKS, New omnichannel DC for Blokker, Logistica, Round Table Session on Logistics challenges
  • September: Hikvision expands EDC, How efficient is an XXL Warehouse, Invitation Logistica
  • July: Moonen builds new efficient and sustainable warehouse, Domino’s Pizza relocates DC, Download presentation logistics real estate
  • May: Personal invitation inspiration session: “A new distribution center? Take control!”
  • April: Blokker creates modern omnichannel dc, Alain Beerens new managing director, Presentation automated packing, New colleagues
  • February: Automating e-commerce, Training course Access for analyzing logistics data, SCI event 2019


Newsletters 2018:

  • December: Download the presentations inspiration session new logistics real estate, Food retailers opt for automation
  • November: Seminar ‘Are you planning a new distribution center?’, Blokker to build new omnichannel DC, Consultancy Case Day
  • October: Network study reveals the importance of SC at SPGPrints, Inspiration session logistics real estate, New Colleague Sebastiaan Verburgh
  • September: Relocation of the Hollister EDC, Logistics challenges in e-commerce, New colleague Eric Hoogendam
  • July: Logistics real estate: Past performance is no guarantee of future results, B2B e-commerce in Belgium
  • May: PK Oem Parts reduces inventory by 15 percent, Making a difference through logistics, Access training in June
  • April: New offices Groenewout, Download presentation e-fulfillment and article the future of B2B is digital
  • February: Cost-efficient operation Decowraps, Invitation seminar on Logistics and E-commerce, Visit Groenewout at SCI 2018
  • January: Invitation session Logistics and E-commerce, Syngenta achieves 20 percent cost savings by outsourcing logistics
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  • Inspiratiesessie 11 februari 2020: Hoe bereik je maximaal vertrouwen in een nieuwe logistieke oplossing?Bent u erbi… 1 month ago
  • 1 month ago
  • Warehouses zijn aan verandering onderhevig als gevolg van een toenemende vraag en de krapte op de arbeidsmarkt. Tre… 2 months ago
50 years of experience

Consulting firm with over 50 years of experience.

European database

Availability of a European logistics database with benchmark figures on transportation and warehouse costs.

Network design

Full scope expertise on network design, as well as warehouse design (conceptual layout, logistics - and storage equipment) and logistics building design (engineering and investment calculations).

Implementation support

Ability to support implementation of new logistics concepts (70% of Groenewout revenue is with existing customers in follow-up/implementation projects.

Extensive knowledge

Extensive operational knowledge, hands-on, pragmatic and bottom-up approach.

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