Designing and implementing loss prevention & security

Loss prevention & security has become an essential part of today’s logistics and supply chain processes. A growing number of logistics service suppliers are even opting for TAPA certification (Transported Asset Protection Association). An active loss prevention & security policy is not only crucial to safeguarding a company’s continuity, but it is also compulsory under loss prevention & security regulations. A loss prevention & security plan helps you to identify risks within your business processes, procedures and premises. It also enables you to double-check whether your logistics facilities meet the criteria for TAPA, ISPS, AEO security and C-TPAT.

Loss prevention & security: from policy to execution
Consulting firm Groenewout has extensive experience of supporting companies in drafting and executing their loss prevention & security policies. Just some of the aspects we can help you with include:

  • Evaluating the existing loss prevention & security policy and related constraints
  • Setting loss prevention & security targets
  • Assessing the current measures
  • Identifying risks and the measures that should be taken to combat them
  • Defining security installations
  • Tendering and evaluating contracts with suppliers of security systems
  • Quick scans and extensive audits of any security measures taken, including a ‘mystery guest’ inspection if required
  • Conducting an operational risk analysis
  • Designing the outline of security measures to be taken (procedures/organization, structurally and technically)
  • Drawing up a cost overview and implementation plan
  • Developing and implementing a security blueprint

Depending on each customer’s requirements, we can also take care of the operational implementation including the tender process and help our clients to operationally manage the steps taken.

Loss prevention & security for Tech Data Corporation
In order to give you a sense of our approach with regard to loss prevention & security, we are pleased to outline the Tech Data Corporation project. Tech Data Corporation (NASDAQ/NMS) is an American multinational and a leading global supplier of ICT products, logistics management and other services. The company is active in the USA, Canada, Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe. Among other things, its services include sales, technical and financial support, configuration and a whole host of award-winning e-commerce solutions. Tech Data was working to consolidate its warehouse activities for the Scandinavian countries by realizing a Scandinavian warehouse in the Stockholm area. The company enlisted our help in order to devise a security concept for all its European warehouses. Tech Data’s loss prevention & security officer EMEA was looking for a ‘right-hand man’ who could manage this project, develop a European security blueprint and supervise the entire Nordic loss prevention & security project. In close collaboration with Tech Data we developed a European security concept for all of the company’s warehouses. We provided advice on both organizational and procedural security measures, advice on the hardware for the CCTV security system and access checks, and advice on the alarm and burglary prevention system. We also supervised the implementation of all our recommendations.

Loss prevention & security references

  1. Tech Data
  2. Avnet

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