E-fulfillment helps you to take a truly customer-focused approach

E-commerce, or in other words online shopping, is expected to continue to grow strongly in the years ahead. New webshops are being opened every day. Traditional retailers are also increasingly expanding their e-commerce activities. Such companies are known as ‘bricks-and-clicks’ retailers. The tremendous growth of e-commerce is having a huge impact on both logistics flows and returns flows. It is important that companies set up their logistics operation with this in mind. Because of demands for ever-greater speed and the increasing trend towards next-day delivery, e-fulfillment is set to become an increasingly complex challenge. E-fulfillment is an essential part of e-commerce, and companies who are serious about being truly customer-focused need to make e-fulfillment one of their top priorities.

E-fulfillment advice
At consulting firm Groenewout, we have extensive experience of e-commerce, of designing and optimizing e-fulfillment operations and of streamlining logistics operations. Our e-fulfillment advice includes topics such as:

  • Integrating the ‘bricks and clicks’ channels
  • Tendering logistics services
  • Integrating collection points into stores
  • Inventory sharing
  • Pick-location sharing
  • Consequences for cross-border logistics
  • The optimal design of a warehouse or distribution center
  • Automation or mechanization of business processes

In addition to optimizing the current processes, we also explore the opportunities for automating or mechanizing the processes in order to achieve cost-savings or to reduce manual labor, for example. Just as with all of our advice, you receive a complete overview of pragmatic solutions that are ready for direct implementation, including the outcomes of a number of different mechanization concepts and our recommended solution, backed up by sound reasoning.

Designing a logistics operation with an e-commerce focus
In order to give you a sense of our consultancy’s approach relating to e-commerce, we are pleased to outline a project we completed for a major e-tailer. The e-tailer added a new range of goods to its product range, such as televisions, household appliances, fitness equipment and bicycles. These products required a different approach to storage and handling than its existing range. At Groenewout, we were asked to conduct a feasibility study into the ideal size of the warehouse in combination with the optimal methods for storage and handling.

E-fulfillment for a ‘bricks-and-clicks’ retailer
Another e-fulfillment project was for a major traditional retailer. This ‘bricks-and-clicks’ organization already had a successful webshop in addition to its traditional, physical retail channel. Our client had grown considerably, and expected to continue to expand in the future, both in terms of volume and product range. Based on detailed calculations (quantitative analysis) we designed the optimal warehouse to meet the company’s future needs, whether as a brownfield or a greenfield site. We also developed a logistics model that allows the retailer to update the project result whenever necessary. Furthermore, we assisted in the strategy relating to the combination of offline and online logistics and the use of pick-up/drop-off points and home delivery. Finally, we also gave recommendations about how the employees themselves could continue to develop the e-fulfillment project.

More E-fulfillment references:

  1. Bol.com building design / bol.com warehouse process design
  2. Fonq
  3. Kleertjes.com
  4. Blokker

Would you like to know more about optimizing e-fulfillment within e-commerce? If so, please feel free to contact our expert:

Arthur Zondervan
Managing Consultant & Partner
E:  zondervan@groenewout.com
T: +31 6 5060 5356

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