Construction management & engineering design

A new building is never an end in itself. Rather, the aim is to improve operational efficiency, optimize the logistics processes and reduce the overall costs. But whether intended for offices or a warehouse, a new-build project or an extension to your existing premises means extra work and intensive construction management. You have to make lots of decisions, organize the various aspects and manage the subcontractors for the design and construction, all in addition to your regular workload.

Construction management & engineering design in practice
Consulting firm Groenewout has extensive knowledge of and experience in construction management and engineering design, and understands the possibilities and the pitfalls. We can take care of the entire construction management process from design right through to execution, for any type of building project. We handle the organization and coordination of all the activities so that you can focus on your core business. We ensure good communication between all the parties involved. We keep track of the construction project to make sure it stays on schedule and budget, and we keep a close eye on the risks and quality levels. We supervise the project plan every step of the way and monitor all the construction-related activities by performing building inspections and attending progress meetings, for instance. We make sure that everything is implemented in line with the criteria laid down in the specification of requirements. Among our consultants, we have specialists in the field of construction management and engineering design in virtually every sector, and we can offer you a multidisciplinary approach. By making use of our expertise, you can be assured that your logistics facilities not only run optimally today but are also future-proof.

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