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April 6, 2016 187


Liberty Global is the largest international cable company with an annual turnover of $17 billion. Liberty Global is operating within 14 countries of which 12 within Europe via brands like Virgin Media, UPC, Telenet.

From the European Headquarter, the Supply Chain Planning department is managing the stock levels of the various stock locations throughout Europe. Given the large geographical area and the high number of stock keeping units, managing the supply chain planning is complex and time consuming. Liberty Global asked Groenewout to develop a custom built Planning system that can be linked to the current systems.

The multi-user Planning System developed, is able to upload stock, sales, refurbishment files. Furthermore, the users can enter Purchase Orders and Intercompany orders after which the Planning System automatically updates the stock levels. Using export files that are automatically generated the user is able to analyze and report the supply chain performance promptly and accurately.


  • Automatic importation of stock-, sales and refurbishment data;
  • Immediate insight in product availability via the planning grid;
  • Fast analysis and reporting on country, component and supplier level.
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