Optimization of North-American DC

April 6, 2016 2908


Helly Hansen is a Norwegian company providing high quality, protective technical gear for work, survival and sport.

Due to historic business growth the existing USA warehouse in Auburn (WA) faced it’s boundaries. Helly Hansen asked Groenewout to come up with a footprint for a new warehouse that was able to deal with the future growth expectations.

In the first discussions, it became clear that the business development plan included sales growth in combination with a reduction of SKU’s and an improvement of stock turns for the coming 2 years. First opportunities were identified to increase the capacity of the current site. Based on the calculation of the new maximum storage capacity it was concluded that the current facility was sufficient and, there is no need to move. In parallel the footprint and conceptual lay-out for a potential new warehouse were developed, defining the optimal logistics concept in case business growth exceeds expectations.


  • New insight in opportunities of current building
  • Quantification of required capacity for the coming years
  • Saving out costs & efforts and avoiding the risks of a transfer to a new warehouse.
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Consulting firm with over 50 years of experience.

European database

Availability of a European logistics database with benchmark figures on transportation and warehouse costs.

Network design

Full scope expertise on network design, as well as warehouse design (conceptual layout, logistics - and storage equipment) and logistics building design (engineering and investment calculations).

Implementation support

Ability to support implementation of new logistics concepts (70% of Groenewout revenue is with existing customers in follow-up/implementation projects.

Extensive knowledge

Extensive operational knowledge, hands-on, pragmatic and bottom-up approach.

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