Feasibility study Logistics Facility

April 6, 2016 1018

Kaemingk large Description
Kaemingk Season Decorations has been a significant distributor of decorative items for Christmas and Spring for over 75 years. The portfolio contains 17.000 products and the products are sold to more than 30 countries.

For the Christmas season, in a period of 20 weeks, Kaemingk receives 2500 containers and ships 1.5 million order lines on 120.000 pallets. To be able to facilitate further growth, Kaemingk has plans to completely rebuild an existing facility. Groenewout was asked to support in the following decisions:

  • Function of the new facility (order pick, bulk or a combination)
  • Lay-out and processes
  • Level of mechanization

Based on data of the previous year, Groenewout calculated scenario’s for the new facility. Based on this analysis, it was decided to use the new facility for bulk storage and receiving of containers.
An automatic sorter was chosen for sorting of mixed inbound containers. For bulk storage, narrow aisles came out as more cost efficient then automatic cranes.


  • Quantification of various logistic scenario’s (goods flows, FTE’s, costs), to support the decisions
  • Ideas to improve the picking process
  • Investment budget and operational costs for new facility


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