Distribution Network Study and Implementation

April 6, 2016 546


Albert Boehringer started producing tartaric acid back in 1885 in a small factory in Ingelheim, close to the German city of Mainz. Now, over a century later, Boehringer Ingelheim is a major pharmaceutical company generating an annual turnover of more than 13 billion euros. Despite employing 44,000 people worldwide, Boehringer Ingelheim remains a family-owned company to this day.

Boehringer Ingelheim decided to merge its Belgian and Dutch operations, asking Groenewout to carry out a feasibility study to help optimize its logistics processes and support during the implementation.


  • Obtain data transparency on sales volumes, logistics-, transition costs and investments.
  • Provide a business case proving the efficiency of consolidation of the two warehouses.
  • Request for Quotation to potential Logistics Service Providers (LSP) .
  • Service Level Agreement with preferred LSP.
  • Project management during the implementation roll-out.


  • One logistics and distribution operation for the entire Benelux region.
  • Optimal and more uniform operations.
  • Reduction in logistics costs.
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