Alternative study for expansion of laboratorium

April 6, 2016 2030

Waterlab Zuid in Breda is owned and exploited by the drinkwater supply company Brabant Water. Its task is to monitor on a daily bases the quality (biological and/or biochemical) of the surface waters in ditches, fens and canals in the province Noord Brabant.

Waterlab Zuid needed a larger building to facilitate the laboratory activities. They asked Groenewout to investigate and to advise about 3 possible solutions:

  • Buy an existing building 60 km from Breda, used in healthcare and renovate the building to facilitate the lab
  • Renovate an old part of the building of Brabant Water in Breda to facilitate the lab
  • Develop a new facility near or in Breda.

Existing buildings and designed renovation plans with accompanying investment budgets were inspected. Secondly a Greenfield scenario was developed and budgeted, based on an option for a site in Breda, arranged by Groenewout. Comparing the pro’s and con’s of the 3 plans finally the option for a new facility located in Breda was chosen as best solution.

Because of relationships between Waterlab Zuid and mother-company Brabant Water, Waterlab Zuid hired Groenewout as an independent consultant in real estate and facilities to get an independent advise. Groenewout succeeded in providing a report showing clearly all advantages and disadvantages of the three investigated cases and made it possible for the client to make a well founded choice.

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