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CAST is a leading edge supply chain network design application used to model global or regional logistics networks. CAST is used within the third party logistics, manufacturing, retail and consultancy sectors on a worldwide scale. CAST is a software tool to simulate different supply chain network scenarios on operational costs (warehousing, transport and inventory) and business constraints (lead-times, fixed warehouse locations, …). For this fixed business constraints can be integrated with optimization methods to produce outcomes that are both customized and cost minimized to the specific business criteria. The objective of CAST is to determine the optimal supply chain network focusing on the number of manufacturing plants/warehouses and the centre-of-gravity where these manufacturing plants/warehouses should be located.

The typical advantage of CAST is the fact that there are actual geographic maps of road/water/rail networks available for all countries. This allows:

  • to work with your actual transportation rates instead of averages
  • for isochrone modeling: determine the actual transportation lead-times based on transportation distances, driving speed, and road types.

Apart from CAST Groenewout has experience with simulation tools as Agylisis and SAILS that focus more on an integral supply chain modeling scope (sourcing, manufacturing, warehousing & distribution) with a high-level view on transportation.

For questions, please contact Rob Wijnen.

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