Agfa future-proofs its distribution network

September 26, 2017 674 Views

The Agfa-Gevaert Group, a leading manufacturer of analog and digital imaging systems, was keen to investigate whether its existing distribution network was still equipped to cope with the changing market situation. A network study by Groenewout confirmed the manufacturer’s gut instinct: the center of gravity is shifting towards Eastern Europe, making it interesting to open a second distribution center (DC) in Wiesbaden in addition to the existing one in Antwerp. Whether and how that will actually happen is still under discussion.

The Agfa-Gevaert Group’s current range of imaging systems is the result of almost 150 years of experience. Today, the products are mainly used in the printing
industry and the healthcare sector. The company’s range, which includes printing plates for commercial printing companies and radiography equipment for hospitals, generates a total revenue of over EUR2.6 billion per year.

More and more of those products are shipped to major markets in Eastern Europe such as Poland and Russia. “That led us to wonder whether our current distribution network is still optimal. The contract with our logistics service provider was due to expire, so we contacted Groenewout to ask them to perform a network study,” says Christiaan Geeve, Manager of European Logistics Operations at Agfa.

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