Taking a project-management approach to warehousing

For any company with a considerable inventory, warehousing and logistics are of key importance. However, many organizations find setting up an efficient warehousing and logistics operation challenging. When implementing warehousing projects, there are many factors that need to be taken into account. A smooth-running warehousing and logistics system enables you to save significant costs. If the operation is not built on a solid foundation, however, you will suffer the consequences for many years to come.

Warehousing advice
At Groenewout, we have extensive experience of managing warehousing projects and setting up logistics systems. Our consultants offer expert support related to warehousing, from the design of warehouses and distribution centers to the implementation of logistics operations. The aspects covered by our expertise include:

  • Warehouse set-up or expansion
  • Warehouse design
  • (Extension) engineering and contracting
  • Support for project developers
  • Testing, transition and implementation

We can take care of the entire project-management process on your behalf. We keep a close eye on the budget and schedule, and monitor the quality. We ensure that all suppliers stick to the agreed plan and deliver on their promises. And we make sure that the warehousing project, such as the IT systems, equipment and processes, is implemented in accordance with the relevant criteria so that your company is ready for the transition, including testing and training.

Warehousing for Hollister
In order to give you a sense of our approach relating to warehousing and setting up a logistics operation, we are pleased to outline the project we completed for Hollister. Hollister is an American company that is globally active in the field of medical products for ostomy care, wound care and continence care. Hollister supplies to hospitals, chemists and wholesalers as well as directly to consumers. The Hollister distribution center in Etten-Leur comprises 11,000 m2 and serves customers throughout the whole of Europe. Hollister asked Groenewout for support when setting up its new European distribution center. We started by deciding on the site and looking for a project developer. We then defined the logistics concept and the key elements for the basis of the layout planning.

After an extensive layout study, detailed project planning and a risk assessment, among other things, work started on construction. Our consultants managed the project with great attention to detail and kept their finger firmly on the pulse of all the building activities. They visited the construction site frequently and attended the building meetings. They also made sure that the installations – both the structural installations and the logistics ones – met all the relevant technical criteria. After a thorough and carefully documented test phase, which also involved training for all employees, the controlled start-up could take place.

More warehousing references:

  1. Hollister
  2. Antalis
  3. Vistaprint
  4. BIS

Productsheet (Re)Design Warehouse: 
Click here to download our productsheet on (Re)Design Warehouse.

Would you like to know more about warehousing and implementing a logistics system? If so, please feel free to contact our expert:

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Managing Consultant & Partner
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