Supply chain management (SCM) deserves to be prioritized

Supply chain management should be a top priority for every organization. Customers want to receive the right products on time, at the lowest possible costs and the highest possible quality. Supply chain management is often abbreviated to SCM. While the term ‘supply chain management’ might seem to imply the management of goods from suppliers alone, SCM actually encompasses much more: supply chain management covers the optimization of business processes and collaboration with suppliers, customers and logistics service providers. In fact, supply chain management applies to every aspect related to planning and executing flows of goods. Irrespective of what you prefer to call it, for advice on how to get more from your supply chain management activities, contact the specialists at Groenewout.

SCM advice
For many companies, supply chain management is a complex topic. We provide you with professional SCM advice and support in the broadest sense. We start by assessing the financial, organizational and business processes in your supply chain. After conducting a thorough analysis, we present our strategic recommendations backed up by a set of pragmatic supply chain management services. The underlying aim of our advice is to safeguard your corporate objectives and to strengthen your position in the supply chain. We take a multidisciplinary approach. Our advisors are all SCM specialists, and between them they have experience in virtually every sector. We ensure that your supply chain is designed for optimal efficiency and performance. Effective supply chain management enables you to create competitive advantage, reduce costs, improve your services and pursue a market-leading position.

If you have any questions or would like to receive more information about supply chain management (SCM), please feel free to contact our experts:

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Managing Director & Partner
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Managing Consultant & Partner
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