Warehouse optimization

April 6, 2016 2463

Zebra’s technology helps companies right around the world to identify their products, enabling them to print barcodes or programme RFID tags so that products can be tracked and traced along the entire supply chain.

Zebra made the strategic decision to switch to an Oracle ERP system in all of its facilities, including its two central distribution centres (DCs) in Europe and the US. As part of the project, the company, which manufactures barcode printers and labels, enlisted Groenewout’s support in critically assessing the existing working methods in its DCs. Groenewout designed the strategies for the processes (put away, picking and consolidation) and the designed the most optimal configuration for the storage racks. The result: higher productivity, better space utilization and better control of the processes.

Zebra enlisted the support of Groenewout first in Heerenveen, the Netherlands just prior to implementing Oracle (first Zebra DC to go live). Afterwards Groenewout as also enlisted to prepare for the Oracle implementation in the DC in Vernon Hills (Chicago), US.

Data driven analysis and intense cooperation/discussions with Zebra Operations and Oracle project staff.

  • Analyzing process and data
  • Identifying optimal process configurations and parameter settings including for receiving, replenishment and packing
  • Optimal order picking process
  • Determine the optimal warehouse layout and the required handling equipment
  • Testing and monitoring after go-live


  • New picking strategies, productivity almost doubled
  • Implementation time less than four months
  • First time right, no redesign of process strategies

Click here for the interview “Zebra modernizes warehouse processes in both Europe and the US” with Lester Arts, operations manager of Zebra Technologies in Heerenveen (NL) and Gary Meekma, warehouse operations manager of Zebra Technologies in Vernon Hills (USA)

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