Transport cost model

April 6, 2016 710


Trespa International BV is a world leader in development, manufacture and supply of high quality panels for exterior cladding, decorative facades and interior surfaces.

Panels are transported from the factory in Weert across Europe and further. Transportation is an important cost factor. Trespa wants to make transport costs more transparant and wants to identify potential cost savings.

Groenewout developed a tool in MS Access, that was filled with historical shipment and cost information for 3 years.
The tool has two main sections:

  • Queries on historical data, for example truck fill rates, difference in costs between various modalities, number of full and broken pallets.
  • Calculating the cost impact of opportunities, for example one delivery per two weeks instead of one per week, surcharge for broken pallets, combining small ship-to’s into one big delivery, comparing transport rates from different carriers

The tool is handed over to Trespa and can be kept up-to-date with new shipment and cost data.


  • Powerful, customized tool, developed by logistics experts
  • Easy to keep up-to-date: standard SAP downloads can be imported
  • Insight in transport costs and differences between countries / customers
  • Identification and quantification of cost saving opportunities
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