Quick scan conseptual design component warehouse

April 6, 2016 580

For over 150 years Nedtrain is the specialized maintenance company for maintenance, service, cleaning and revision of rolling railway equipment. On 30 strategic railway related locations these services are executed 24/7 on the locomotives, railway carriages and coaches of their customers.

For one of their maintenance locations moving to a new physical site is a feasible option. Part of the site lay-out is the parts warehouse. Nedtrain asked Groenewout to do a quick scan and provide a second opinion on their high level parts warehouse design lay-out and concept.

A quick scan was executed providing:

  • More detailed quantification of parts warehouse concept
  • Insight in possible bottlenecks of the design
  • Quantified alternative design solutions for these bottlenecks and advice on the preferred alternatives.


  • More quantified parts warehouse concept
  • Insight in strengths and weaknesses of the chosen concept
  • Increased comfort level to continue on the selected parts warehouse lay-out and concept.
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