Quick review of new warehouse concept

April 6, 2016 2565


Pon Logistiek is a distributor of spare-parts and vehicles for VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Motrac and MAN in the Netherlands.

A new warehouse concept was already designed. On global level it has been decided that centralization of the warehousing facilities of the Netherlands and Belgium is necessary. Pon wants to show that without centralization the saving targets can be surpassed and service levels can increase. This way the spare parts logistics stays close to the Dutch market.
The new warehouse concept had to be reviewed due to changes in the starting points:

  • Integration of storage of MAN and Porsche parts
  • Less growth in orderlines
  • More growth in assortment
  • Higher requirements service level (less warehouse throughput time).

Review of storage capacity and processes:

  • Small parts were stored partly in mini-load and partly in a pick to bin system. Less storage space was required and throughput time could be met
  • The fast-mover area (wide aisle) was replaced by a batch area (narrow aisle) to gain storage space.


  • Strong business case to guarantee service levels for Dutch market
  • Quick and thorough review on the existing design
  • Clear 3-dimensional visualization of lay-out.
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