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April 6, 2016 2921

CEVA is one of the world’s leading LSP’s, in freight forwarding, contract logistics, transportation management and distribution management. A non-listed company. CEVA employs more than 51,000 people and run a global network with facilities in more than 170 countries. Our reported combined revenues in fiscal year 2011 were €6.9 billion.

For one of their telecom customers CEVA made contractual agreements on process improvement at their Den Hague site, this included revised warehouse layout and process design.

After contract agreement on short term a warehouse redesign including budget had to be realised. The process flows and storage requirements were analyzed and a new warehouse lay-out was made. After approval of this warehouse lay-out, the project management and team was set-up to get the required changes implemented in the running operations. Project team included landlord in regard to the building changes and internal CEVA organization. Discussions with insurance companies and certifying companies during implementation had to be held to cope with additional sprinkler requirements and requirement to the technical lighting installation.


  • The warehouse design and budget was delivered on time.
  • Project manager was switched to Groenewout without any delay in the project execution, project was delivered on time allowing contractual obligations to be met.
  • Original design could be respected even after additional sprinkler requirements were set.
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Consulting firm with over 50 years of experience.

European database

Availability of a European logistics database with benchmark figures on transportation and warehouse costs.

Network design

Full scope expertise on network design, as well as warehouse design (conceptual layout, logistics - and storage equipment) and logistics building design (engineering and investment calculations).

Implementation support

Ability to support implementation of new logistics concepts (70% of Groenewout revenue is with existing customers in follow-up/implementation projects.

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Extensive operational knowledge, hands-on, pragmatic and bottom-up approach.

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