Outsourcing new logistics operations for a new product line

April 6, 2016 705

Forbo Flooring is a leading manufacturer and worldwide distributor of linoleum and vinyl floorcoverings (rolls, tiles and welding rods).

Forbo looked for a new distribution concept for one of their product lines. Products are sourced in Asia and customer distribution is across all Europe. The logistics activities of this operation were planned to be outsourced. Forbo asked Groenewout for support in the selection process of the logistics service provider.


  • Potential logistics service providers were screened and contacted in order to determine the candidates for the short list
  • The Request for Proposal (RFP) was prepared and sent to a number logistics service providers
  • The proposals of the service providers were analyzed according to predefined criteria such as financial-, warehousing- and transportation expertise
  • Three service provider were jointly assessed in order to evaluate the day-to-day operation
  • A Multi-criteria Analysis was performed to facilitate the final decision making process for the preferred logistics service provider.


  • Match with preferred logistics service provider within 4 weeks
  • Transparency in supply chain operation and costs
  • dentification of future improvements and cost savings in supply chain business processes.
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