Optimization warehouse lay-out and –processes

April 6, 2016 1297

PK Oem parts is a respected supplier of spare parts since 1981 within a niche market of shipping and power plants. Sales and distribution of high quality technical parts is done on a global scale. PK Oem parts stands for high quality, fast delivery and competing prices. PK Oem parts operates from the headquarters and two warehouses in Dordrecht with about 20 employees.

In the past years, PK Oem parts showed a strong growth and performed in parallel a streamlining of activities in the field of sales and product development. To absorb a further growth in an efficient way, the need was there to assess also the current warehouse lay-out and –processes.

A comprehensive data analysis was performed and the actual lay-out and storage plans were included in new CAD drawings. This analysis and these drawings will be the basis for further discussions with suppliers and for internal relocation plans.
Interviews with purchasing and customer service (explaining their expectations of the warehouses) led to process improvements and internal service level agreements.


  • Fact based solutions to extent the stock assortment in the pallet and shelving area for the coming years.
  • Relocations based on an ABC analysis lead to an increase of picking productivity of about 20%.
  • New internal communication protocols improve reliability of commitments to customers.
  • Optimization opportunities on stock control and inventory management were recommended as preparation for the implementation of a new ERP system this year.


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