Optimalisation logistic process

April 6, 2016 680

IGO-POST is an international business to business company specialized in the sale of promotional items and business gifts with or without imprint. From its warehouse in the Netherlands all of Western Europe is delivered.

This company had the intention to grow significantly in the coming years. Due to this growth, a bottleneck was foreseen in the capacity of their warehouse and production operation in their Helmond facility. Groenewout was asked to develop a concept which would be able to cope with the foreseen growth.

A thorough analysis was performed to define and grade possible solutions. The outcome of this study was two folded:

  • By changing planning procedures the increased volume could be handled with hardly any investments
  • A scenario analysis was performed based on which several storage alternatives were detailed out.


  • Increased volume could be handled with hardly any changes in lay-out or additional investments. Instead business processes were re-engineered
  • Boundaries between production and sales/customer service/planning taken away
  • A number of quick-wins that lead to financial savings.
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