Multi-modal door-to-door distribution concept

April 6, 2016 620

Railion is the first European freight railway company, operating circa 5,500 trains per day. Railion is the rail carrier of Stinnes AG, the Transportation and Logistics Division of Deutsche Bahn AG.

With the road infrastructure becoming more congested every day, the importance of multi-modal distribution concepts increases. This provides additional opportunities for rail transport even in the more traditional road segments as final customer distribution which is characterized through relatively short transport distances.

Railion and Groenewout jointy developed an innovative multi-modal door-to-door distribution concept.

  • Pallets and retail containers distributed in standard boxes
  • Multi-modal transport (railroad). For rail transport, a frequently used network is established with transhipment terminals, where boxes are transhipped from train to truck and vice versa
  • A state of the art information system providing online status information and advanced planning
  • Different services will be provided, depending on customer requirements.


  • Railion got insight in the feasibility of the multi-modal distribution concept for short distance distribution
  • The project prepared for a pilot project to actually get the new concept operational.
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