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Feasibility Study

April 06, 2016 5829 Views

Barts is a young leading accessory brand in Europe, started out 15 years ago as one guy selling shorts on the beaches of St Tropez. From caravan, to bedroom-office to a real company with office and logistics under the same roof. Always having been a self made brand, Barts has never stopped keeping in mind the most important things in life: working is fun, but not working is just as much fun! We have always enjoyed making what we make and will always keep enjoying!
The assortment of Barts consists amongst others of hats, caps, shawls, gloves and boots

Barts experiences a double digit annual growth requiring more warehouse space than available. Barts has asked Groenewout for support regarding logistics in their design process of a new integrated warehouse and office building, the logistics function in the supply chain and the layout of the warehouse.

Groenewout supported their design process at first by clarifying the possible future warehouse function alternatives within the supply chain including required storage and handling volumes.

After the definition of the warehouse function, Groenewout detailed out a number of lay-out alternatives, including lay-out overview, flowcharts, investments and required FTE.br>
In close cooperation with Barts and Dedato ontwerpers & architecten the preferred warehouse lay-out was decided and detailed out.


  • Understanding of the future goods flows and their required storage and handling volume.
  • Rational behind the preferred lay-out and insight in the required investments and FTE.
  • Understanding of the flexibility and the related boundaries of the lay-out allowing the warehouse design to grow fit to the growth of the business.