Feasibility Study (a.o. Program of Requirements)

April 6, 2016 1350

Bilfinger ROB is a division of Bilfinger Berger Industrial Services GmbH which is part of Bilfinger Berger SE, a listed German construction company. With about 560 employees Bilfinger ROB offers solutions in the area of piping systems and industrial furnaces for the (petro-)chemical industry and power generation industry.

Bilfinger ROB was situated with their operation on several locations in the Antwerp region. Most building were outdated. This facility set-up was no longer considered to be optimal. Therefore Bilfinger ROB asked Groenewout to set up a business case for a consolidated operation at a new location on the Left Shore in the Antwerp Harbor Area.

Based on input out of a questionnaire and workshops/interviews Groenewout developed the following:

  • Program of Requirement for new facility and offices
  • Lay-out plans for new location
  • Capex and Opex estimates including cash flow effects for current and new situation
  • Advice on real estate ownership alternatives.


  • Business case conclusions available within a short time frame (lead time 4 weeks)
  • PoR and lay-out plans tuned to the future Bilfinger ROB operation.
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