Delivering 4 professional high-level layouts within 2 weeks

April 6, 2016 295

DHL is a Logistic Service Provider specialized in warehousing and distribution, Value Added Services (VAS) and transportation. DHL operates worldwide. DHL had received a Request for Proposal from a large manufacturer in North-West Europe. The proposal had to be delivered within 2 weeks.

Groenewout was asked to assist DHL Solutions in developing and comparing various high level lay-outs for a cross-dock center for this potential client. Both manual and automated alternatives were investigated.

Based on high level data supplied by the manufacturer, Groenewout specialists developed two automated and two manual lay-outs. These alternatives were compared, taking into account running costs, investments, efficiency and flexibility. All alternatives needed to have sufficient flexibility to deal with peaks and changes in the staging and consolidation time The results were laid down in a presentation.


  • Within very short time period, DHL received four professional high level layouts
  • The presentation provided DHL solutions with excellent material to discuss with it’s client
  • Proper basis to develop relationship with potential client.
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