Certification sprinkler installation

April 6, 2016 666


In 2008, Staples and Corporate Express merged. Staples is now the world’s largest supplier of office products. In Europe, Staples is active in 23 countries.

Staples has a Distribution Center in Almere (NL), developed in 2002 for Corporate Express. Groenewout was one of the project parties at that time. In the course of time the type of pallets in the racking storage has changed: more and more pallets contain direct exposed plastic, or are wrapped in plastic. (In sprinkler language: uncartoned unexpanded plastics.) Consequence of this changing was an inadequate protection from the ESFR sprinkler installation.

Groenewout assisted Staples in the process of modification of three pallet racks to racks with in-rack sprinkler and barriers, fitted for storage of ”uncartoned unexpanded plastics” pallets.
Consultation with sprinkler office and insurance company, and reporting to Staples.


  • Intermediary between sprinkler experts and logistic users.
  • Knowledge of the Staples organization and knowledge of standards for distribution centers, in this particular case focused on the sprinkler protection.
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