Strategic Partners

Over the years Groenewout has established working relationships with trusted partners who have their own unique service portfolio that tie in with our expertise in the supply chain.

To support specific expertise, industry sectors or geographies, Groenewout works together with the following exclusive, strategic partners:


Region Germany/Central Eastern Europe
Avineo is an independent consultancy specialized in helping clients from various industries to go new ways to achieving supply chain and customer service excellence.

The partnership of Avineo and Groenewout has a unique consulting proposition in supply chain and logistics management with a focus in the German / Central Eastern European market.


Tax & Duty
Mazars is an international, integrated and independent organisation, specialising in audit, accountancy, tax, legal and advisory services. Mazars works for small and medium sized companies, large (international) companies and non-profit organizations. Mazars is positioned in the top 10 in the accountancy branch in the Netherlands and is, as part of the Mazars Group, one of the European market leaders in the field of accountancy.

Within the official partnership between Groenewout and Mazars, we share and strengthen each-others expertise in operational logistics and finance within the Transport & Logistics industry.

An overview of Groenewout articles featured in Mazars’ newsletter:

  • How a wholesaler can make a profit on a sales order
  • Transport case: cost center or customer service
  • 9 ideas how to survive the crisis efficiently
  • Benchmark European Distribution Network

Business Process Consulting
Voorne & Partners

Voorne Partners is a Dutch based consultancy firm with offices in Rotterdam, London and Düsseldorf. Voorne Partners’ extended knowledge is in business models, business processes, organization and business support tools and they have a deep understanding of integration issues and international aspects. For more details of Voorne Partners’ tailored services, please visit the website at

For companies operating through several legal entities in different countries, the Single Business Entity (SBE®) may be the most efficient set-up. It combines all commercial processes and values administratively into one legal entity and allows you to act as if you are a virtual borderless company. Internal complexity is reduced to a bare minimum and everything is geared towards external focus. The SBE’s has it’s legal and fiscal consequences but there are several solutions to tailor these consequences.

Groenewout and Voorne can specifically support your ideas on developing a Supply Chain SBE® (SC SBE). This is a major variant on the SBE theme, either as a stepping stone towards a full SBE® or as a solution in cases where, for market reasons sales and marketing are best left steered and organized fully locally. The supply chain will become one virtual delivery organization, but it will supply a multitude of more independent sales and marketing units. Planning, control, internal efficiency are still greatly enhanced.

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