Logistiek zelf gaan doen (Online Retailer)

In het vakblad Online Retailer is een van onze experts geïnterviewd over de rol van logistiek in e-commerce. In dit artikel wordt opgemerkt dat veel grote e-tailers de logistiek voortaan in eigen hand gaan nemen, terwijl ze daar een aantal jaar geleden niets van wilden weten. Bol.com neemt bijvoorbeeld nu bewust de stap om de logistiek zelf te gaan doen en bouwt aan een eigen distributiecentrum. Eenzelfde beweging zien we bij Coolblue die de...

Role of logistics in e-commerce (Online Retailer)

The trade publication OnlineRetailer features an interview with one of our experts about the role of logistics in e-commerce. Groenewout comments that, whereas they didn’t want to have anything to do with logistics a few years ago, many large e-tailers are now taking logistics into their own hands. For example, Dutch online giant Bol.com is now consciously taking steps to insource logistics and is building its own distribution center, and a similar shift can...

Logistics challenges in e-commerce (Online Retailer)

OnlineRetailer organized a roundtable session on the topic of ‘What are the logistics challenges of e-commerce in practice?’ A group of 12 experts, including Groenewout, got together around the table to provide their visions of e-commerce logistics based on their own areas of expertise. This article has been written by Roel van Gils and published in the trade publication OnlineRetailer in September 2016. To download this publication Online Retailer Round Table sept 2016 Logistics Challenges.

Logistiek voor e-commerce: ieder zijn vak (Online Retailer)

Het vakblad OnlineRetailer organiseerde een ronde tafel sessie met als rode draad ‘wat zijn de logistieke uitdagingen van e-commerce in de praktijk?’ Maar liefst twaalf experts, waaronder Groenewout gaven aan tafel, vanuit hun eigen expertise ieder hun visie op e-commerce logistiek. Dit artikel is geschreven door Roel van Gils en gepubliceerd in het vakblad Online Retailer, editie september 2016. Voor het downloaden van deze publicatie klik hier: Online Retailer Round Table sept 2016 Logistieke uitdagingen.

50th Anniversary Groenewout in 2016

A wonderful milestone to be very proud of: it’s 50 years since our founder, Cor Groenewout, started the company in 1966. After a few years of operating as a traditional construction engineering firm, Groenewout was quick to shift its focus onto logistics from the mid-70s onwards – particularly to capitalize on the increasing logistics presence of American and Asian multinationals in Europe at that time. For example, Mobil Plastics took its first logistics steps...

Innovation Session on Logistics Real Estate

On 14 April Groenewout organized the latest innovation update and networking session on Logistics Real Estate in Tilburg. The program was divided into two sets of three parallel sessions, held at the Huis van de Logistiek venue in Tilburg. With more than 30 participants and featuring plenty of knowledge sharing, interactive discussions and networking, the event was a resounding success. Innovation session: Impact of e-commerce on logistics real estate Mari van Kuijk, Managing Director & Partner,...

Publication in magazine Etail trends

A system in which the goods automatically come to them makes life easier for employees at Wehkamp’s DC in Zwolle. Meanwhile, in the new Bol.com distribution center, the order pickers are the ones doing all the walking. These are two completely different solutions, so which factors actually determine the optimal level of automation? This article titled ‘Rushing around versus standing still’ has been written by Marcel te Lindert and published in Etail Trends, issue 2/2016, including input...

Happy, Healthy and Successful 2016

For Groenewout, 2015 was a good year from several perspectives. We started 2015 in a ‘positive flow’ and we sustained that positive line throughout the whole year, so we also have high expectations for 2016. Healthy optimism The caution which held a tight grip on the global economy over recent years has changed into healthy optimism among manufacturers and consumers alike. This has significantly improved the willingness to invest in the logistics market. At Groenewout, this...

Construction starts on bol.com fulfillment center in Waalwijk

Pressrelease bol.com – publication February 16, 2016 The new fulfillment center has been designed with the support of Groenewout and FKG Architecten Aan De Zaan and will be built by construction firm Van Wijnen Rosmalen. Click here for the (Dutch) press release. If you should have questions about this project and the support of Groenewout, please contact Mari van Kuijk, vankuijk@groenewout.com | +31 6 5060 5351

Orderpicking (Logistiek Magazine)

Manual picking is still the most robust and flexible pick technique, but mechanization has pulled up slowly, partly due to the rise of e- commerce and improved techniques . This article has been published in Logistiek Magazine, special edition of the Logistica 2015 – including an interview with Groenewout.  Click here to download this publication: Orderpicken in een veranderende omgeving (in Dutch only). If you would like more information, please contact Wendel Dijker.