VU University Amsterdam – Guest Lecturer

March 20, 2017 622 Views

For many years, Groenewout has been participating as a guest lecturer on logistics and supply chain-related topics at various universities in the Netherlands and Belgium.

In this time Mo Lasgaa, Managing Consultant, has regularly shared his knowledge and extensive experience in supply chain management as a guest lecturer at the VU University of Amsterdam. Most recently, Mo presented insights into the importance of a well-defined business strategy and the potentially huge negative impact of misalignment of supply chain strategies. “We’ve seen many companies pretending to be cost leaders while their supply chains are designed for differentiators, and vice versa. There are only a few organizations that have brilliant business strategies combined with extensive supply chains strategies,” comments Mo.

If you would like to receive more information about this topic, please contact Mo Lasgaa. If you would like more information about Groenewout’s lectures in general, please contact Isabel Schouten.

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