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Book “Management Principles of Sustainable Industrial Chemistry”

April 25, 2013 7571 Views

Approaching sustainability from the perspectives of engineering and multiple scientific disciplines, this book incorporates the concepts of intergenerational equity and ecological capabilities, while promoting scientific rigor for the analysis of sustainability and the use of appropriate metrics to determine the comparative merits of alternatives. The chapters are organized around the key non-technological themes of sustainable industrial chemistry and provide an overview of the managerial principles to enhance sustainability in the chemicals sector. The book strives to provide an intellectual forum and stimulus for defining the roles chemical engineers can play in achieving sustainable development. Suitable for industry and graduate education, this is the one-stop guide to greener, cleaner, economically viable and more efficient chemical industries (source Wiley).

Authors: Prof. Kenneth Sörensen, Prof. Gerrit K. Janssens, Mohamed Lasgaa, Prof. Frank Witlox.

Mo Lasgaa, Senior Consultant at Groenewout, is co-author of the chapter ‘Sustainable Chemical Warehousing’.

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