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Brenda Klep

Brenda Klep


Brenda Klep has been a consultant in the Groenewout team since January 2021. Brenda has a master’s degree in Econometrics & Operational Research from Tilburg University, a minor in Actuarial Science from the University of Amsterdam and a postdoc in Actuarial Science from the Actuarieel Instituut in the Netherlands.

In the two years prior to joining Groenewout, Brenda’s role as a supply chain analyst enabled her to gain valuable experience in performing network optimization studies and setting up horizontal collaborative partnerships in logistics. Before that, she worked at a pensions consulting firm and two insurance companies as an actuary, and her responsibilities included modeling projections of financial cash flows.

Brenda specializes in modeling and analyzing a broad spectrum of logistics processes. In view of her expertise, she is particularly keen to focus on projects related to warehouse design and optimization, distribution networks and inventory and production planning.