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October 01, 2004 6676 Views

Determine the optimal warehousing concept for your operation. Ware2Store® is a professional tool to assist clients in developing new distribution centers and warehouse configurations or upgrading existing warehouse operations.

It provides:

  • the optimal logistics solution for your warehouse
  • operational cost reduction
  • risk mitigation through sensitivity analysis
  • completeness: many different concepts can be compared

all within a limited project lead-time.

The tool is under constant development; current developments make it possible to easily compare total warehouse scenario’s assigning different product groups to different warehouse concepts and to quickly simulate a wide range of what-if scenarios. So are you wondering whether it would be profitable to create a separate picking area for your fast-moving articles, or whether expected changes in order profiles require changes in your warehouse solutions, Ware2Store® will help you answer these and many other questions quickly.

For questions, please contact Rob Wijnen.

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