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Build2Store® is a visual and interactive tool to assist clients in the process of developing requirements for new or to be renovated warehouses & production facilities. To enable the maximum benefit of this tool, incorporated items are discussed during a workshop.

The final goal of the tool is to obtain fast a reliable budget estimate, based upon thorough assessment of “need & nice to haves”, for warehouses or production facilities. Specialists of Groenewout will guide you through the Build2Store® in a one-day workshop with the full functionality of a SMART board (electronic white board).
Build2Store® addresses the quality, cost-maginitude and various “pro’s and con’s” of all items, which are or might be required or usefull in a new operation. In comprehensive format, various options are provided for among others the items listed below:

  1. Infrastructure: a/o truck access, loading docks, fencing
  2. Building: a/o floor requirements, facade & windows, interior
  3. Technical Installations: a/o Electrical, HVAC, Fire fighting

The tool is regularly updated and extended to allow for the incorporation of the latest developments and knowledge. The present version contains as well relevant topics as i.e. Cooling/Freezing -, HACCP -, GFL -, GMP -/GDP – and TAPA requirements. Therefore, if you are thinking of moving into a new building, first start defining this new warehouse or production plant to your requirements by applying this smart tool, before moving ahead into contracting any facility offered by third parties.

For questions, please contact Jacques Swinkels.

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