Lean Six Sigma helps to improve your supply chain performance

Lean Six Sigma is a tried-and-tested management strategy that has had proven success around the world. The aim of Lean Six Sigma projects is to work faster and smarter in order to achieve a sustainable improvement in business performance. Lean Six Sigma brings together several quality management methods that are focused on reducing costs, raising customer satisfaction levels and reducing lead times, all at the same time. This entails investing in your people and fully utilizing their knowledge and skills. Lean Six Sigma can be applied to any company, including yours, to produce an efficient (‘lean’) and perfect (‘six sigma’) organization. The exact return on investment varies from one Lean Six Sigma project to another but it almost always pays for itself several times over.

Lean Six Sigma advice
Groenewout employs several Lean Six Sigma specialists who are happy to advise you on how to get the best out of your supply chain and logistics processes. Lean Six Sigma is particularly interesting for companies for whom supplying their products or services involves complex processes with a large number of consecutive steps. In that case, the ‘lean’ aspect is relevant. Likewise, companies who set themselves apart by providing (measurably) higher quality can benefit from the ‘six sigma’ aspect. When consulting on Lean Six Sigma, we answer questions such as:

  • How can the operational costs, the transport costs and/or the inventory costs be reduced?
  • How can customer satisfaction be improved?
  • How can production capacity be aligned to achieve an optimal capacity utilization rate?

As well as advising you on how to optimize your supply chain performance based on Lean Six Sigma, we also provide you with a targeted plan of action for translating the strategy into tangible results.

Supply chain optimization at Kolb
In order to give you a sense of our approach when providing advice on supply chain optimization, we are pleased to outline a project we completed for chemical manufacturer Kolb. As a result of significant growth in recent years, the internal organization at Kolb was under increasing pressure. Moreover, Kolb had recently outsourced the entire internal logistics at its Dutch facility in Moerdijk, creating an extra dimension in the already complex supply chain. Mistakes and inefficiencies in the supply chain can be disastrous for a company of that kind. Therefore, aided by Lean Six Sigma principles and a brainstorming session which was followed up by extensive statistical analysis, we prepared a complete overview of the company’s existing business processes, identified bottlenecks and recommended improvements.

More Lean Six Sigma references

  1. Kolb
  2. Mid Ocean Brands
  3. Philip Morris
  4. Astra Zeneca
  5. Bio-Rad

Would you like to know more about optimizing your supply chain based on Lean Six Sigma? If so, please feel free to contact our expert:

Arthur Zondervan
Managing Consultant & Partner
E: zondervan@groenewout.com
T: +31 6 5060 5356

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