Lean Six Sigma helps to improve your logistics

Lean Six Sigma is a tried-and-tested management strategy that has had proven success around the world in many different areas of business. The aim of Lean Six Sigma is to work faster and smarter in order to achieve a better result. On the one hand, lean logistics involves creating value for customers: doing exactly what each client wants, when they want it. On the other hand, lean logistics relates to eliminating waste from the supply chain.

Lean Six Sigma advice
Consulting firm Groenewout helps you to improve your logistics performance using Lean Six Sigma. We support you by providing statistical analysis of your existing logistics processes, identifying bottlenecks and highlighting potential areas of improvement. Aided by Lean Six Sigma, we tackle issues such as:

  • Optimal site and design/layout for your warehouses
  • Optimization of your internal logistics
  • Defining the optimal order picking methods
  • Second opinion on the optimization of your factory design
  • Push versus pull approach

Designing an optimal logistics concept typically involves a number of key project steps. It is important to complete these steps in the right order. We firmly believe that a structured and phased approach is crucial.
logistiek concept wordt gekenmerkt door een aantal belangrijke projectonderdelen. De volgorde van het invullen van deze onderdelen is van groot belang. Een gestructureerde en gefaseerde aanpak is volgens onze filosofie cruciaal.

Lean Six Sigma for Netwerk VSP
In order to give you a sense of our consultancy’s approach based on lean logistics, we are pleased to outline the project we completed for our client Netwerk VSP. Netwerk VSP, a subsidiary of TNT, is the Dutch market leader for unaddressed mail. Netwerk VSP distributes 100 million free circulars a week to 7 million households. The organization has grown steadily in recent years while at the same time consolidating its initial 14 operational centers into just 4. As a result, the inbound transport and handling of the circulars as far as the sorting machines had become more complex.

Netwerk VSP asked us for advice on matters such as:

  • ‘How can we create synergy from the increased supply chain transparency and collaboration?’
  • ‘How can we optimize our warehousing and storage?’ and
  • ‘How can we control the identification and routing of such volumes?’.

In order to answer these questions, we made use of Lean Six Sigma in defining the business processes and the physical layouts. The emphasis was on whether to insource or outsource the central warehouse. The benefits for Netwerk VSP included:

  • Greater transparency and better coordination in the supply chain
  • Considerable cost savings and reduction in carbon emissions as a result of fewer transport kilometers.
  • A number of ‘quick wins’ that resulted in financial benefits and/or improvements to customer service.

More Lean Six Sigma references:

  1. Netwerk VSP
  2. Kolb

If you would like to know more about Lean Six Sigma in relation to your logistics, please feel free to contact our expert:

Mo Lasgaa
Managing Consultant
E: lasgaa@groenewout.com
T: +31 6 5021 1929

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