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WMS-dag 2016

12 April 2016 4638 Views

WMS Dag 2016 with innovative program
WMS Dag brings you fully up to date on all the latest developments relating to warehouse management.

WMS Dag is being held on Tuesday 12 April at the Congrescentrum venue in Den Bosch, The Netherlands.

WMS Dag is free to attend. To register, click here.

Presentation WMS in the world of e-commerce
In this knowledge session, a-SIS and Groenewout will be discussing a number of specific e-commerce topics before sharing their experiences and opinions.

  • Which level of WMS is best for you? A high-end WMS for international and/or multi-site applications (with/without mechanization) or a mid-market standard WMS? 
  • A number of important e-commerce players have recently chosen to develop a lot of solutions themselves. Why? And are their reasons still valid? Or is an off-the-shelf system a better option nowadays?
  • How does the WMS landscape look today? Rapid volume growth leads to a patchwork of systems and ultimately results in an operational process lacking in logic and efficient support. What can we do to prevent this? 

In the expanding world of e-commerce, ‘continued improvement’ often means ‘continued survival’. How can your WMS help you to continuously improve in an ever-changing market?

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