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Webinar on e-commerce, today’s biggest logistics challenge

14 September 2017 1794 Views

On Thursday 14 September, from 12.30-13.30 h, publisher Warehouse Totaal is holding an industry webinar on the logistics challenges of e-commerce.

E-commerce is playing an ever-more important role in daily life for consumers and for businesses alike. People have come to expect next-day delivery of whatever they order. This trend presents major challenges in terms of the organization of logistics processes in the warehouse. After all, it is no longer merely a matter of bulk storage and dispatch; many of today’s warehouses are required to pick and ship huge volumes of small and very diverse orders. So how can you organize that without the costs spiraling out of control?

During this webinar our Senior Consultant Joke Vink, an expert on logistics and e-commerce processes, will be updating you on the latest developments within e-commerce logistics and discussing the opportunities, threats and keys to success.

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