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SC Innovations 2014

27 March 2014 5328 Views

On March 27th 2014, the seminar Supply Chain Innovations will be organized in Antwerp. The agenda includes lectures, best practices, panel discussions and many networking opportunities. Keynote speakers will address topics that are relevant to the operation and logistics success of your business.

Mo Lasgaa, Managing Consultant at Groenewout, presents a business case: Transport Management: Lower costs and improved services by assessing static vehicle routing periodically.
One of world’s largest aluminum companies, with a manufacturing site and a DC in Belgium, serves its Belgian customers several times a week by using static routing. Time to assess whether or not the existing static routing model is still the most optimal, i.e. would dynamic transportation planning proofs to be a better concept? The presentation will deliver you inspiring insights about the project methodology, boundaries and end-results.

Groenewout is pleased to welcome you at our booth to exchange ideas about your actual Logistics and Supply Chain Management issues. If you would like to talk to Mo Lasgaa individually a notification upfront is appreciated, please contact Isabel Schouten.

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SC Innovations - Case study Groenewout