Innovations Update & Network Session: Logistics & E-commerce

November 15, 2016 2901

Get inspired and exchange ideas on supply chain topics!

Programma Innovatie Sessie Logistiek E-commerce 2016  Dutch version)

Groenewout offers you (free) Innovations Updates & Network Sessions giving you direct access to extensive expertise, industry knowledge and networking opportunities. These updates cover a wide range of topics within logistics and supply chains management. Our next session is focused on Logistics & E-commerce:

Program Tuesday November 15, 2016
15.00 – 15.30 Welcome drinks & Networking

15.30 – 16.30 Stream session I

a. Changing from order pick carts to AutoStore (Active Ants)
b. How to cope with seasonal peaks ?
c. The future of automated packing and robotization in e-DCs

16.30 – 16.45 Network Break

16.45 – 17.45 Stream Session II
a. Changing from order pick carts to AutoStore (Active Ants)
b. How to cope with seasonal peaks ?
c. The future of automated packing and robotization in e-DCs

17.45 – 18.30 Sandwich Buffet & Network Session

Stream Sessions:

Session 1: Changing from order pick carts to AutoStore 

Jean Lahaye, Managing Director, Active Ants
Jean Lahaye explains the results form the latest innovative push at Active Ants. This stream session will cover the following questions

  • How did Active Ants work in the past?
  • Why the need to automate, and why AutoStore?
  • What’s the next innovative step for Active Ants?
  • How has AutoStore impacted the operation/organization and the customer proposition?
  • What has Active Ants learnt in the process? What are the dos and don’ts?

Session  2: How to cope with seasonal peaks ?

Joke Vink, Senior Consultant, Groenewout
During this stream session, Joke will explain how you can optimally prepare for peak periods. In addition, Joke will provide immediately actionable tips for reducing the stress during such peaks.

  • How can you achieve effective collaboration between Logistics, Purchasing and Marketing?
    And what will be the results?
  • How can you align your staffing capacity with the ever-changing order flow?
  • How can you work with suppliers and transport companies to ensure that all orders are delivered to customers on time, even during peak periods?
  • How can you ensure that your internal capacity is optimally aligned?

Session 3: Future of automated packing and robotization in e-DCs

Arthur Zondervan, Managing Consultant & Partner, Groenewout
Automated packing and robotization are two important innovative steps according to Arthur Zondervan, Managing Consultant & Partner at Groenewout. During this session, Arthur will discuss the current status of the technology and the potential developments for the years ahead.

  • Which companies are the driving force behind these innovations and what are they developing?
  • What is already available today?
  • Where is it being used in practice?  What’s the business case?
  • How will a DC look ten years from now?

Click here for the registration form. You can sign up for 2 sessions. Sign up immediately so we can reserve a place for you (max. 25 per session). Participation is free of costs, registration is required to obtain an exclusive reservation.

Location & Date
The event on November 15h will be organized at Het Houtse Meer, Den Hout.

Why should you attend?
An exclusive, inspirational session giving you direct access to extensive expertise and industry knowledge, free of charge.

The mid-afternoon start enables you to benefit from the latest insights and innovations without missing too much of your working day – plus you beat the evening rush-hour!  The meeting concludes with an informal networking opportunity including a sandwich buffet.

Please do not hesitate to contact Isabel Schouten or +31(0)76 533 0440 should you have any further questions.

We are looking forward to meet you on 15 November.


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