Drawing up Program of Requirements

A specification of requirements or Program of Requirements (PoR) is a document used in a design or procurement process. An optimal construction process begins with a thorough requirements specification, which comprehensively details the demands and wishes. The aim of a Program of Requirements is to lay down a clear framework for everyone involved in the project so that everyone understands which criteria must be met. Hence, the Program of Requirements is an important guideline for the designers to ensure that they deliver the desired result.

Components of the Program of Requirements
Consulting firm Groenewout has extensive knowledge of and experience in drawing up requirements specifications. Program of Requirements includes aspects such as:

  • General: insight into the choice of building materials and construction methods
  • Structural: layout, loading bays, flooring, natural light, insulation, worker safety, billboards, battery-charging points, storage for hazardous materials (e.g. a safe), signage for visitors, etc
  • Infrastructure: size and layout of the site, roads and access, car park, asphalt, waste disposal, bike/moped shed, smokers’ area, perimeter fencing, rainwater drainage, etc
  • Installations: power and lighting systems, communication systems, security installations, climate control installations, ventilation, heating installation, sanitary installations, water and waste water, fire prevention installations (sprinkler systems)

The Program of Requirements provides guidance for all those involved in the construction process – not just for Groenewout but also for the customer, project developers and subcontractors. With our support, you can rest assured that your requirements specification is sound.

Program of Requirements for Forbo Flooring
In order to give you a sense of our approach relating to Program of Requirements, we are pleased to outline a project we completed for Forbo Flooring. Forbo Flooring is a manufacturer of high-quality floor coverings and has factories in The Netherlands, France, UK and Switzerland. Forbo Flooring intended to combine a number of processes and activities in a cross-docking warehouse. Forbo Flooring asked us to draw up the requirements specification, which the selected subcontractor then used to take care of the detailed engineering design and apply for the building permit. Throughout the process, we checked whether the subcontractor had correctly interpreted the requirements specification in the detailed engineering design.

More references:

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  2. BIS
  3. Forever Direct
  4. Post NL

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