Construction management in its broadest sense

In The Netherlands, construction projects are subject to countless rules and regulations that are changing all the time, making the building process very complex. Hence, effective construction management is indispensable. To us at Groenewout, construction management comprises advising, organizing, supervising, negotiating, monitoring, checking and evaluating the building process. By outsourcing construction management to a professional like Groenewout, you can delegate much of the worry and hassle to us, leaving you free to concentrate on your core business.

Construction management from start to finish
Consulting firm Groenewout has extensive knowledge and experience of construction management for all manner of companies in a wide range of sectors and industries. Our construction management activities include, among other things:

  • Arranging building permits
  • Tendering
  • Arranging contracts with developers and/or subcontractors
  • Project planning
  • Project finance
  • Project management
  • Project completion and handover

We take care of construction management from start to finish. In other words, from preparation and planning up to completion and handover, and everything in between. We ensure that all suppliers follow the agreed plan and honor their commitments, and that the construction project fulfills all the relevant criteria. Moreover, construction management includes quality assurance, quality control, compliance with the on-site safety requirements, monitoring the budget including a monthly overview of the overall status, and reporting to the client.

Construction management for Hollister
In order to give you a sense of our approach relating to construction management and setting up a logistics operation, we are pleased to outline the Hollister project. Hollister is an American company that is globally active in the field of medical products for ostomy care, wound care and continence care. Hollister supplies to hospitals, chemists and wholesalers as well as directly to consumers. The Hollister distribution center in Etten-Leur comprises 11,000 m2 and serves customers throughout the whole of Europe. Hollister asked Groenewout for support when setting up its new European distribution center. We decided on the site and looked for a project developer. We then defined the logistics concept and the key elements for the basis of the layout planning. After an extensive layout study, detailed project planning and a risk assessment, among other things, work started on construction. We took care of construction management and project management, keeping our finger firmly on the pulse of all the building activities. We performed building inspections and attended the building meetings. Furthermore, we ensured that the installations met all the relevant technical criteria.

Construction Management References

  1. Hollister
  2. Bis
  3. Antalis

If you would like to know more about construction management, please feel free to contact our experts.

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