Syngenta achieves 20 percent cost savings by outsourcing logistics

September 26, 2017 467 Views

Until recently, the logistics operation at Syngenta’s production facility in the Belgian town of Seneffe was inefficient. The manufacturer of crop protection agents enlisted Groenewout’s help to turn things around. That ultimately led to the outsourcing of all the logistics activities, including the loading and unloading at Seneffe. The result: a 20 percent reduction in costs. Luis Omana from Syngenta: “More importantly, in view of the strongly seasonal nature of our business, we’ve turned our fixed costs into variable ones.”

With its seeds and crop protection agents, Syngenta helps professional growers all over the world to meet the rising demand for food. Seneffe, 40 kilometers south of Brussels, is home to one of the biggest manufacturing facilities of its kind, where 35 million liters of weed killer and insecticide are produced, filled and packaged each year. 80 percent of the products are bottled and palletized, and the remaining 20 percent are shipped in ISO tank containers. “We supply mainly to customers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Latin America and Asia account for around 15 percent,” explains Luis Omana, site engineering manager at Syngenta in Seneffe.

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