Smit & zoon increases its effectiveness by outsourcing its logistics

April 03, 2016 1071 Views

Interview with René Weltevrede, Operational Director, and Arnaud Backbier, Supply Chain Manager, from Smit & zoon by Marcel te Lindert
The shortage of space at the facilities of Smit & zoon, a Dutch supplier of leather chemicals and fish oil, in Weesp and Amersfoort became so severe that the company was forced to take action. Despite being highly complex, the process has been outsourced to Neele-Vat Logistics in the Port of Rotterdam, resulting in greater transparency and improved efficiency. Groenewout coordinated the entire project, from the feasibility study and the tender procedure up to and including process implementation.

Smit & zoon has two production facilities located 40 kilometers apart – one in Weesp and the other in Amersfoort. The family-run company, which has been around for almost 200 years, develops and manufactures leather chemicals for use by tanneries. Fish oil is often the primary raw material in its products. The Weesp facility also houses the business unit that sources, processes and sells food-quality and feed-quality fish oil that is used as an ingredient in food products and animal feed, among other things. Because many customers order products from both facilities, up until recently there was a lot of transport activity backwards and forwards between Weesp and Amersfoort, with trucks having to collect goods from both sites. “From a logistics perspective that was definitely not the ideal solution,” confirms René Weltevrede, Operational Director at Smit & zoon.

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