Active Ants benefits from extra certainty when purchasing AutoStore

February 05, 2016 1399 Views

An interview with Jeroen Dekker, Managing Partner of Active Ants, by Marcel te Lindert

logo-Active-Ants.pngThe market for e-commerce may be growing rapidly, but Active Ants’ turnover is growing even faster. To enable the company to cope with the rising stream of online orders, both now and in the future, the fulfillment specialist needed to purchase a new warehouse management and order picking system. The compact, efficient and scalable AutoStore system immediately caught the eye of the directors of Active Ants. Groenewout acted as a sounding board for the business case and provided the extra certainty that made investment in this unique system possible.

Since being acquired by Jean Lahaye and Jeroen Dekker four years ago, the turnover of Active Ants has quadrupled. Much of that success is undoubtedly due to the enthusiasm and innovative spirit of the entrepreneurs. They try to approach as many situations as possible from the perspective of an online retailer rather than a logistics manager who has been brought in to keep an eye on the inventory. That has resulted in some surprising innovations, such as the Basketpic: a photo of the order that can be emailed to consumers and shared with friends on social media. “We take the photo just as the order is being packed. It’s a unique service in our market,” says Jeroen Dekker, who together with Lahaye won a Gouden Gazelle (‘Golden Gazelle’) award from Dutch financial newspaper FD in November 2015 for being the fastest-growing SME in the province of Utrecht.

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