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Advice on complex building projects

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[vc_column_text]Increasingly complex demands are placed on today’s buildings, and the opportunities continue to grow. Offices, manufacturing facilities, government buildings, hospitals and healthcare facilities, and shops all have different priorities. While sustainability, a climate-controlled environment or reducing carbon emissions may be the focus for some, others will place aspects such as security top of the list. No matter what is most important to you, sound advice relating to complex building projects can offer many benefits.

Advice about buildings
Consulting firm Groenewout has plenty of experience of complex construction management and engineering design projects. Our advice about buildings covers topics such as:[/vc_column_text][mk_custom_list]

  • Environmental issues
  • Fire safety issues
  • Security issues, including TAPA standards (Transported Asset Protection Association)

[/mk_custom_list][vc_column_text]As with all of our advice, you receive a comprehensive overview of pragmatic solutions that can be implemented immediately. We can also support you in executing the building project.

Advice on environmental issues
In order to give you a sense of our approach relating to advice on building projects, we are pleased to outline a project with an environmental aspect. Our customer asked us to assist with applying for an updated environmental permit from the local council. The existing permit was several years old and our client wanted to switch from working with one shift to two shifts. The installations within the company and their set-up had also changed over the years, plus the client intended to make more changes in the short term. Technical drawings and plans were required to accompany the permit application and to demonstrate compliance with the safety regulations. The drawings needed to show all the aspects that were relevant to the application, such as a floor plan, a sewer plan, an emergency escape or evacuation plan, cadastral drawings and a drawing of emission points. In addition to providing the drawings and advice about the building, we also took the lead on behalf of our customer in all contact with the local council.[/vc_column_text]

[vc_column_text]Advice on fire safety issues
Another building project in which we added significant value was related to fire safety and fire protection. Our client, a chemical manufacturer, had been assessed as a ‘non-hazardous area’ by the labor inspectorate. But the labor inspectorate then ascertained that the electrical installations on the forklift trucks and the remote controls for the shelf racking needed to be adapted because of the potential risk of explosion. Explosion-safe versions of those products, and especially the remote controls, are not available as standard and would be very expensive to acquire. In fact, the costs were estimated to be so high that it would no longer be possible to keep the current warehouses in operation. In order to enable the client to comply with the legal requirements, Groenewout supervised the following processes:

  • Quantitative risk analysis of the two warehouses
  • Assessing the risk of a gas explosion
  • Incorporating the results into a report
  • Acting as contact person during the entire project
  • Presentation of the results

More building projects references

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Would you like to know more about the advice we can provide about complex building projects? If so, please feel free to contact our experts.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1554878653779{margin-bottom: 0px !important;}”]Mari van Kuijk
Managing Consultant & Partner
E: vankuijk@groenewout.com
T: +31 6 5060 5351[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Stijn Belt
E: belt@groenewout.com
T: +31 6 2122 0408[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Ben de Waardt
E: dewaardt@groenewout.com
T: +31 6 1539 2356[/vc_column_text]